Timothy Cotton Book Signing

Timothy Cotton Book SigningAuthor Signing: Timothy Cotton

We thought you might like to know what goes into planning an author event like the one we are planning for Tim Cotton and The Detective in the Dooryard. First off, it takes months: waiting for the confirmation date that the book is actually printed to confirm the release date. Then we have to anticipate the number of books to order from the publisher so nobody is disappointed if we run out. That’s why we appreciate pre-orders. Then it’s when the author’s schedule and our schedule will mesh so we can make sure the event is the best possible. Stay tuned to this page for more details.

Some have asked if Tim will be bringing The Duck of Justice and we don’t know the answer to that. I think if we are lucky enough to have Tim, we may need to do without the Duck who may have other duties.

As most of you know, our store is small. Very small. It is our intent to give Tim free reign so that everyone gets to meet him and we may have to do business differently. We think this is where Tim belongs during the signing: right up front where he can greet everyone. Adjustments will be made.

Author Signing: Timothy Cotton
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